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Micnova Cold Shoe Slider MQ-DSE8

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1x Coldshoe slider; 1x Hotshoe adapter; 1x Packaging

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Depuis 1989
Votre propre studio à prix avantageux
Appareils de qualité pour le studio photo - Vidéo

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The MQ-DSE8 from Micnova is a cold shoe slider, which you can use to mount your favorite accessories onto your camera. Because of the length of 23 cm it’s no problem to mount, for example, an external microphone and LED lamp simultaneously on top of the camera. This offers new possibilities to capture recordings in an even higher quality. The slider is made out of metal, which guarantees a reliable solution. It also makes sure there won’t be an annoying crackling sound in the audio.

Usage MQ-DSE8

Are you regularly making photos or videos with your DSLR camera or camcorder? Does it have an universal hotshoe connector? And do you want to use a combination of a LED lamp, monitor, microphone or other accessory? If the answer is yes, the MQ-DSE8 is the perfect product for you. You can choose to mount the MQ-DSE8 in the length and with onto the hotshoe. When you place the MQ-DSE8 in the length, you can mount a monitor on the back and a microphone on the front. When mounted in the width, you can place a LED lamp and microphone next to each other, to point them both to the front. On the bottom side of the MQ-DSE8 you can find both a coldshoe adapter and a 1/4” female screw thread, so it’s also possible to mount the slider onto, for example, a tripod. Next to the position of the accessories, it’s also possible to adjust the position of the of the slider in relation to the hotshoe of the camera. This makes sure there’s an optimal balance point and a stable solution.


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