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Pixel TTL Cord FC-314/S 1,8m for Panasonic/Olympus

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FC-314 Cable; Hotshoe Protection Cap; Manual

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The Pixel FC-314/S TTL Cord for Panasonic and Olympus allows you to use your Panasonic and/or Olympus speedlite without having to mount your speedlite to your camera. One end of the cable slides into the hotshoe of your camera and the other end of the cable consists of a hotshoe adapter in which you can mount your speedlite. Further, the bottom of the hotshoe adapter is equipped with a ¼” female thread allowing you to mount your adapter and speedlite to a tripod or light stand. This way, your speedlite can be positioned separately to your camera.

An advantage of the TTL cable is that it ensures all your speedlite settings are transmitted accurately from the camera to the speedlite. Additionally, the FC-314/S supports high-speed synchronization.

The length of the cable is 80cm and can be stretched to a maximum length of 1.8 meters.


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