SET FI500A - 2x FI-500A stepless 500~15 Ws (Joule) E27 250W halogen, 2x stands 250cm, 2x Softbox 80x120cm
illuStar® FI-series - The latest generation of professional studio flashes SET-FI-500A Complete and very affordable flash set for both the professional photographers and ambitious amateur.  The illuStar®  FI-500A  is a versatile and easy to operate studio flash for professional photographers as well as ambitious amateur.  The sophisticated electronic circuitry and high quality condenser technology ensure a higher stability of the flash energy and color temperature, an extremely fast charging and a short flash duration.  Because of its compact and light concept it is perfectly suitable for use on location and in a studio.  De  FI-500A  is a  professional  studio flash, where particular attention has been paid to the quality of its metal casing and aesthetic design.  Remarkable for a studio flash within this price range, is the efficiency of the cooling. The tried design with in- and outlets for air and a quiet fan, make for perfect air-circulation.  Important: no PVC parts were used at heat-exposed spots, an exceptional feature for a flash in this price range. Flash energy 500 Ws (Joule). Flash energy steplessly variable over 6 stops from 1/32 to 1/1 with high precision.  High stability of the flash energy, and the color temperature. Equipped with a replaceable flash tube. Ultra quick recharging. The short flash duration makes it possible to capture optimal fast-moving subjects.  Halogen modelling lamp Halolux 250W - E27. 3 adjustable positions for the modelling light: proportionally with flash energy - 100% - Off. Can be synchronized by the built-in photo cell or externally via synchronizing cable, infrared– or radio connection. Optical and acoustic flash light control. Robust casing in steel and aluminium. Effective and quiet ventilator cooling. Bowens S-type compatible coupler for accessories. Softbox - 360° swivel The foldable softboxes of illuStar® are designed to supply the highest quality of light for a modest investment.  The softbox is assembled with metal bars, ensuring a solid construction.  The silvery inside and inner diffusor in front of the light source ensure a maximal and uniform light distribution. Outer- & inner diffusor can each be removed. Aluminum light stand air cushioned: Professional version with very high mechanical strength and stability. Compact and lightweight light stand with pneumatic shock absorber and is equipped with a robust locking system. The end is provided with a standard spigot (SP-D4M8M) which can be placed horizontally and vertically, on which all conventional studio equipment can be placed.
Special Price SET-FI-500A - 2x FI-500A stepless 500~15 Ws (Joule) E27 250W halogen, 2x stands 250cm, 2x Softbox 80x120cm View full size

SET FI500A - 2x FI-500A stepless 500~15 Ws (Joule) E27 250W halogen, 2x stands 250cm, 2x Softbox 80x120cm

Reference: SET-FI-500A

illuStar Manufacturer: illuStar - Belgian brand

Flash set consists of: 
2x FI-500A - Studio Flash - Stepless variable 15~500Ws, (Bowens-S adaptor), E27 250W halogen - Cooling fan. 
2x LS-250A - Light stand - air cushioned - 80~250cm
2x SB-80120-A144 Softbox 80x120cm, Bowens-S adaptor
2x Lamp protection cap for transport. 
2x Synchronizing cable (5 metres) with phone jack 6.3mm.
 Power cable (5 metres).

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Coupling for accessories : Bowens S-type (compatible) - illuStar

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