FM-120 - Mini Flash, adjustable 120/60Ws, 34 leds modelling lamp
The illuStar® FM-120 is a multipurpose and very easy to handle mini flash for a starting photographer, suited for use on location and in the photo studio. This flash is extremely compact and equipped with a built-in reflector. Assembling a fixed softbox is also possible. At the front of the reflector can be fitted an SA-SMD or ICM-98-BS adapter, with compatbible Bowens S-type coupling for use with illuStar / Bowens accessories. Flash energy 120 J (Ws). Flash energy adjustable at 100% and 50%. High stability of the flash power, Equipped with replaceable “plug-in” flashlamp. Modelling lamp 34 LED's. Can be synchronized with the built-in photocell or externally via synchro-cable, infrared- and radioconnection. Optical flash light check. Optionally available: SA- SMD or ICM BS - 98 Inter-changeable mount - Adapter for use of illuStar / Bowens accessories onto FM-120
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FM-120 - Mini Flash, adjustable 120/60Ws, 34 leds modelling lamp

illuStar Manufacturer: illuStar - Belgian brand

Reference: FM-120

Included accessories:
- Synchronizing cable (3,5 metres) with Ø3.5mm phone jack.
- Power cable (4 metres)

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Coupling for accessories : Optional ICM-98-BS adapter for coupling Bowens S-type (compatible)

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