QUANT600PRO - Studio Flash - Digital and stepless variable 600~18 Ws (Joule) - Fan cooled - Halogen 300W, elfo adaptor
Microprocessor- guided studio flashes for demanding professional photographers who highly value reliability, comfortable work and simple operation. Specifically suited for intensive usage in photo studio and on location. Flash energy stepless variable over 6 stops, from 1/32 till 1/1 with high precision of 1/10 f-stop. Digital display  indicates the relative energy with extreme precision (till 1/10 f-stop). Flash energy remains very stable. Automatic energy suppressing system  extends the life span of the flash tube (takes effect by lessening of the flash power without having to flash). This feature leads to a better work comfort. Equipped with an PerkinElmer flash tube. Advanced system for automatic light control of the modelling lamp, flexibility ratio 6-100% selection from 7 modes. Possibility of connecting an  extern control panel  Q UANT-RC  (remote control) which can perform all functions and settings from a distance. Indications on the display can be shown upside down (very useful when apparatus are fixed on a ceiling). Possibility of synchronization by the in-built photo cell (adjustable for reaction on the first or second flash) or externally via synchronization cable, infrared- or radio connection. Possibility to memorize a setting / to block all settings (flash excluded) so as to prevent unwanted changes, thus increasing user comfort. Equipped with automatic thermal security. Solid full steel and aluminium case. Simple clicking system to fit accessories. Metal lamp protection cap for transport. QUANT-pro :  Modelling lamp – high power halogen   The Quant-pro series can also be used as a lamp for photography by artificial light.  The high power Superphoto halogen lamp with GX6.35 base is available in 2 power versions:  -  300 W  (3200°K) light output of  7.300 lm .  -  650 W  (3400°K) light output of  20.000 lm .  The apparatus is provided with a silent coolerfan. The halogen lamp and the flash tube are screened by a protection glass with diffusor, ensuring a perfect balance and distribution of modelling lamp and flash light. Because the flash tube has been mounted far to the front, a maximum light yield is guaranteed, even with accessories like softbox. QUANT-pro : accessories The full-metal case is a solid construction for the fixing of accessories like reflectors and softbox. Fixing is very easy and firm by means of a 2-point  clicking system  ( A ).  Locking or removing the accessories is achieved by light pressure on the locking button ( B ).  Wide variety of accessories available.
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QUANT600PRO - Studio Flash - Digital and stepless variable 600~18 Ws (Joule) - Fan cooled - Halogen 300W, elfo adaptor

Reference: QUANT-600-PRO

Elfo Manufacturer: Elfo - European product of superior quality

Included accessories:
- Lamp Protection Cap for transport.
- Power cable (5 metres)

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Coupling for accessories : Elfo

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