FI-500D - Studio Flash - Digital and stepless variable 500~15 Ws (Joule), E27 150W halogen - Cooling fan, Bowens-S adaptor
illuStar® FI-series - The latest generation of professional studio flashes The illuStar®  FI-500D  is a versatile and easy to use  Microprocessor- controlled studio flash for professional photographers as well as ambitious amateur.  The sophisticated electronic circuitry and high quality condenser technology ensure a higher stability of the flash energy and color temperature, an extremely fast charging and a short flash duration.  Because of its compact and light concept it is perfectly suitable for use on location and in a studio.  The  FI-500D  is a  Professional   Digital  studio flash, where particular attention  has been paid to the quality of its metal casing and aesthetic design.  Remarkable for a studio flash within this price range, is the efficiency of the cooling. The tried design with in- and outlets for air and a quiet fan, make for perfect air-circulation.  Important: no PVC parts were used at heat-exposed spots, an exceptional feature for a flash in this price range.  Microprocessor- controlled Digital display  for an exact reading of relative energy (till 1/10 f-stop). Flash energy 500 Ws (Joule). Flash energy stepless variable over 6 stops from 1/32 to 1/1 with high precision of 1/10 f-stop. High stability of the flash energy, and the color temperature. Automatic energy cancellation   system  for better operating conditions (After lowering the energy level, a flash will automatically reduce the surplus energy). Equipped with a replaceable flash tube. Ultra quick recharging. The short flash duration makes it possible to capture optimal fast-moving subjects.   Halogen modelling lamp Halolux 150W - E27. 3 adjustable positions for the modelling light: Proportional - Free adjustable (50 steps) - Off.  Can be synchronized by the built-in photo cell or externally via synchronizing cable, infrared– or radio connection. Optical and acoustic flash light control. Automatic thermal security. Robust casing in steel and aluminium. Effective and quiet ventilator cooling. Bowens S-type compatible coupler for accessories. ** Some illustrations with optional RSM-18 reflector
Special Price FI-500D - Studio Flash - Digital and stepless variable 500~15 Ws (Joule), E27 250W halogen - Cooling fan, Bowens-S adaptor View full size

FI-500D - Studio Flash - Digital and stepless variable 500~15 Ws (Joule), E27 150W halogen - Cooling fan, Bowens-S adaptor

illuStar Manufacturer: illuStar - Belgian brand

Reference: FI-500D

Included accessories:
- Lamp Protection Cap for transport. 
- Synchronizing cable (5 metres) with Ø6.35mm phone jack. 
- Power cable (5 metres)

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Coupling for accessories : Bowens S-type (compatible) - illuStar

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