Miops Smart Trigger for Fujifilm F1
The Miops Smart Trigger for Fujifilm F1 is a trigger for high-speed photography, which can trigger your camera or flash through many ways. In addition, this trigger can be operated with a smartphone (iOS or Android) via Bluetooth. The Miops Smart Trigger extend your trigger capabilities and allows you to take photos on a more creative way. Light, sound and laser sensors Smart Trigger has three built-in sensors: light, sound and laser. Miops uses these sensors to detect for example, lightning, fireworks, bursting bubbles, splash water and explosions. When this happens the Smart Trigger will detect this and it trigger the camera or flash. The sensor of the Smart Trigger is very sensitive, so he can respond within a millisecond on an impulse (light, sound and laser). Very useful by using for example high-speed photography. HDR, timelapses and DIY You can also use the Smart Trigger even to take HDR photos (High Dynamic Range) and timelapses. You can set the interval, the number of photos. The DIY function allows you to set the action, consisting of up to five different steps. Each step may use the same or even different sensors. The Miops Smart Trigger for Fujifilm F1 comes with connection cable for cameras with this connection: Finepix S1, X-A1, X-M1, X-T1, and XQ1.
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Miops Smart Trigger for Fujifilm F1

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Smart Trigger; USB cable; Connector cable; Flash cable; Manual; Battery; Full color packaging

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