Miops Smartphone Shutter Release MD-SA1 with SA1 cable for Samsung
The Mobile Dongle from Miops is a cable to connect your iOS/ Android smartphone and tablet to your DSLR or mirrorless camera. The Miops Mobile application utilizes the smartphone's capabilities to offer creative modes like vibration, sound, motion and distance or even various timelapse modes to trigger your camera. It also provides basic shutter release modes like press & hold, press & lock, timed release, self timer and HDR. The most extra ordinary feature is the 'Scenario' mode which combines any of the available trigger options to create magic. Moreover, you can schedule your desired mode or sequence to fire at any time. Combi SA1-cable This combi includes, next to the Mobile Dongle cable, a SA1-cable. This combination makes it possible to connect your smartphone with Samsung cameras. There are also other cables available, for almost every Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung and Fujifilm camera. To view all available cables, search for ‘Miops connecting cable’. Usage Mobile Dongle You can make photos with your camera, based on one of the following modes: Cable Release Press&Hold Press&Lock Timed Release Self Timer Timed Release&Self Timer Basic Timelapse Long Exposure Timelapse Bulb Ramping Timelapse Road Lapse HDR Timelapse HDR Mode Sound Mode Vibration Mode Motion Mode Scenario (Includes Scheduling) Suitable for the following Samsung cameras: EX2F, GALAXY NX, NX MINI, NX1000, NX1100, NX20, NX2000, NX210, NX30, NX300, NX300M, GX-1L, GX-1S, NX-1, NX-10, NX-100, NX-11, GX-20, NX-5, NX-500  
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Miops Smartphone Shutter Release MD-SA1 with SA1 cable for Samsung

Reference: 189357         EAN : 723466515702

Miops Manufacturer: Miops -
1x Miops Mobile Dongle for iOS and Android; 1x SA1-cable

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