Matin Sensor Cleaner Kit M-6361
The Matin M-6361 Sensor Cleaning Kit is designed to easily clean the sensor of your SLR camera. The kit comes with two different sized cleaning sticks and small mat, which you can use to clean the cleaning sticks. Before using the M-6361, it is essential that you clean the camera sensor with an air blower first. Once the sensor has be blown clean, the rubber ends on the cleaning sticks can be used to collect the dust stuck in hard-to-reach places. After using the sticks, use the small mat to clean the rubber ends of you cleaning sticks. To regain the stickiness of the rubber ends of the cleaning sticks, simply wash them with water.
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Matin Sensor Cleaner Kit M-6361

Matin Manufacturer: Matin -

Reference: 168312         EAN : 8809022699818

2 Cleaning Sticks; Mini mat; Storage box

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