SET-LEDP-1190-DMX - 75W LED Video & Photo Studio Lighting, 5400°K, 9000 lm, DMX-512, V-Mount battery slot, DC 12V~24V
SET-LEDP-1190-DMX - Lighting for film and TV productions - DMX The LED lighting panel illuStar® SET-LEDP-1190-DMX - 75W is optimally suited for lighting during TV-studio and videoproductions, Is ideal for the lighting during news shows and interviews, shoots with green background and for product- and portrait photography, Regular light spread In a TV-studio you usually want a uniform daylight of equal light intensity, which is very hard to realize with ordinary spots, The panel is equipped with 1190 Ultra clear daylight LED's (5400°K) CRI 90 with a wide angle of spread of 80° Use of the removable barndoor can be limit light spreading. The apparatus can very easily be adapted with an optional softbox with a honeycomb (grid). Variable The stream of light is steplessly variable from 0 to 100% while sustaining the colour temperature over the whole flexibility ratio : With a adjusting button on the back of the apparatus itself, By remote controller (LEDM-REM – optional); this enhances the working comfort when the apparatus in a difficult to reach spot, By remote controller through a DMX control panel (optional); the apparatus contains a built-in DMX controller with RJ45 entry and exit. DMX addressing of channels 001 till 512. Power supply The illuStar® LED-panels function on 12-24 V DC; they can be connected to mains current (with power supply adapter which is provided) or by an external battery (optional) for use on location, The panels are also fitted with a V-Mount battery-slot . Lightweight and noiseless The iilluStar® LED-panels are compact and very lightweight and thus optimally suited for transport; they are supplied with carrier bag. To avoid any irritating noice in a TV-studio, no ventilator has been fitted, The aluminium housing acts as a big cooling block and is fitted with ventilation slots providing natural cooling, Provided Accessories : - Detachable barndoor. - Conversion filter which converts colour temperature from 5400°K to 3200°K. - Diffuse filter which softens shadows. - Carrier bag. - LEDP-1190-SBHC : Softbox 39x39cm with diffusor & honey comb grid. - Power supply adapter AC 220V – DC 19V 4,74A. - Flexible power cable (5 metre). Optional Accessories: - LEDM-REM : remote controller to adjust the light stream from 0 till 100%. - DMX operator control panel. - V-mount / V-lock battery. - LEDM-B17AH : 12V Battery 17Ah, suitable for connecting 2 apparatus, provided with a  handy carrier bag and battery charger, - LEDM-BC5 – Stub cable12V (5 metres) to connect a second lighting device with LEDM-B17AH battery.

SET-LEDP-1190-DMX - 75W LED Video & Photo Studio Lighting, 5400°K, 9000 lm, DMX-512, V-Mount battery slot, DC 12V~24V

Reference: SET-LEDP-1190-DMX

illuStar Manufacturer: illuStar - Belgian brand

- including power adapter AC 220V, DC 19V
- DMX-512 - RJ-45 input/output
- V-Mount battery slot
- Detachable barndoor
- 2 filters: diffuse & 3200K
- Stepless light regulation
- Carry bag
- LEDP-1190-SBHC : Softbox 39x39cm with diffusor & honey comb grid.
- (Optional: battery, remote controlled dimmer)

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