Marumi Star-4 Filter DHG 67 mm
The Marumi DHG Star-4 Filter is comparable to a professional ‘top filter’ for a fraction of the price. The DHG series filters are made up of a special coating to counteract unwanted reflections, a matte black metal rim and black glass edges to minimize internal reflections. Marumi DHG Star-4 Filter Possibilities Also known as a cross screen filter, the Marumi DHG star-4 filter can be used to create star patterns from bright objects. The thatched pattern on the filter (shown in photo 1) enables a 4 point crossed effect from each single light point (shown in photo 3). The filter can be rotated, allowing you to change the direction of the cross points. Further, the filter reduces ghosting and glare and is suitable for videography.
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Marumi Star-4 Filter DHG 67 mm

Manufacturer: Marumi
Manufacturer: Marumi -

Reference: 1545067         EAN : 4957638060110

1 x Marumi Star-4 Filter DHG 67 mm; Full Colour Packaging

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