Polaris Karat - Exposure meter and Flashmeter
The Polaris Karat Light-and Flash Meter is a professional light meter with many advanced functions. The Karat is suitable for measuring ambient light and flash light exposure and is the first handheld light meter able to measure flash duration . The measurement of flash duration is ideal for high-speed, action photography (stop-action photos). Further, the Karat has an integrated Auto ISO function. By manually setting the aperture and shutter speed of your camera, the Karat can be used to provide you with the correct ISO value for your camera. The Karat is equipped with a backlit color LCD display, allowing you to use the device in all lighting conditions. Power supply 2 x AA Batteries (not included) Included: - Polaris Light- and Flash Meter Karat - Protective Case - Cord
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Polaris Karat - Exposure meter and Flashmeter

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