Falcon Eyes Motorised Camera Slider STK-12-1.2 120 cm
The STK-12-1.2 is a motorized slider specially designed for smooth and shockfree recordings. The slider is made out of aluminum and treated with a non-reflective black paint. The aluminum dolly has a 3/8" screw connection that moves smooth and quietly on the rails due to the precision bearings. The slider can be used on a table or on the floor, but can also be mounted on 1 or 2 tripods (not included) with a 3/8 "or 1/4" screw thread. The speed at which the Dolly moves across the slider is adjustable by using the included remote control (0.5-4 min per meter). The STK-12-1.2 comes with a handy carrying case, making it easy to take along on to location and enables you to store the slider dust-free. Specifications: Vertical/horizontal load: 3kg/15kg 2 Way movement Length 120 cm Easy operable
Falcon Eyes
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Falcon Eyes Motorised Camera Slider STK-12-1.2 120 cm

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Falcon Eyes Camera Slider STK 12-1.2; Carrying Bag; Remote control; 2 Chargers; 4 Rechargeable Li-ion 6800mAh 3.7V Batteries; 2 Sync Cables

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Special prize for our 10th participation in the Salon de la Photo (Paris)
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